Alternate Vape – CBD Vape Cartridge 250mg CBD ea


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All-natural CBD vape oil pre-filled in a 1ml cartridge.

Includes one cartridge.

This pre-filled CBD vape cartridge includes the cartridge only. Kit with battery sold separately. 

Each 1ml CBD vape cartridge has 250mg CBD. You can expect 200-350 puffs out of a single cartridge —which is over a month of usage for most people.

This product is THC-free.

CBD Vape Cartridge Flavors

• Mint
• Citrus
• Kush

CBD Vape Cartridge vs Nicotine E-Liquid

Many conflate the term “vape” to mean the same thing regardless if a person is vaping CBD, THC, or e-cigarettes. However, these vape oil ingredients are vastly different and shouldn’t even be compared.

THC Oil Vape

THC vape products are derived from marijuana, and they will cause an intoxicating effect.

Nicotine E-Liquids

Various e-liquids and e-cigarettes are many times compared to natural vape oil products. While it is true these are vape products, they are also filled with unnatural ingredients including nicotine. Nicotine, as we all know, is highly addictive and even more so in vape form as the person vaping is able to get much more nicotine out of a vape compared to other tobacco products. For more on this, see our post comparing Juul and Alternate Vape products.

CBD Oil Vape

CBD vape products are derived from hemp, and therefore will not cause a high. Some CBD vape products are made with unnatural flavorings and/or Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin (PG/VG) as cutting agents. At Alternate Vape, we choose MCT oil or coconut oil as a natural cutting agent instead of PG or VG. We also choose to use terpenes, which are natural flavors found in various fruits and other plants. The Alternate Vape CBD vape cartridge does NOT contain THC or nicotine.

Compatible Vaporizer Battery

Our CBD vape cartridges are compatible with the 510 thread battery. Therefore, our cartridges are compatible with most “average” vape pen batteries on the market. That said, you will need to check on how hot your battery heats the oil. CBD vape oil burns at much lower temperatures than THC cartridges do, thus if your battery is above 5v and there is no way to turn it down, it is likely to burn the oil. If you do have an adjustable battery, we suggest setting it on the lowest temperature possible to keep from burning the oil.

CBD Oil Vape Ingredients

MCT Oil, CBD, Terpenes (natural occurring flavors)