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Alternate Vape VS. Juul: Which Is Better?

When it comes to vape, one of the (if not the) biggest names is Juul. Whether it is for their products or the controversy the company has found itself in recently. In this blog, we will be comparing the Alternate Vape CBD Vape-Oil Starter Kit to the Juul Starter Kit.

Company’s Focus

Before we go into the differences between each product, let’s look at each company.

Juul was founded in 2015, marketing their products as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. 2017 is when their brand took off, with sales increasing by 600% as a younger demographic took to their product. This is something Juul has struggled with, attempting to market themselves to an older crowd but to no change in their demographic. Multiple reports of high school students using their products in class have been recorded, which is very possible due to the lack of smell the vapor emits. Juul is not at fault for this, as they have committed themselves to not market themselves to individuals who do not already smoke.

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Even with their heart being in the right place, the ease of access to the e-cigarettes has let younger individuals buy in droves. Juul is currently in a sticky situation with the FDA, as they have been told they need to address the youth use of their products, or else risk having their products themselves pulled from stores. Juul’s products have also been recently banned in Israel.

An Update On Juul And The FDA

Since the original posting of this blog, there have been many events that have taken place with Juul’s struggle with their marketing when it came to the FDA. On November 13th of 2018, the official Juul Instagram page shared this image.

juul final instagram post

Juul has completely abandoned any form of social media that they once used, all with the exception of their YouTube channel. The Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts all have shared posts similar to the one that you see above, announcing the ending of all activity for the given account, with all previous non-controversy posts deleted. With the YouTube channel, it seems like Juul will stop using the platform, as their most recent video is the CEO addressing the concerns of their customers with the recent events. However, more than 40 customer testimonial videos remain, all prominently featuring real (and older) individuals with their personal experiences with the e-cigarette. Juul has also updated their age verification process for all online orders, to guarantee that the selling of their products to minors is very unlikely.

On top of all of these changes, Juul has also made huge changes to the products that they offer, now offering pods that contain 3% nicotine content compared to the standard 5%.

About Alternate Vape

Alternate Vape was also founded in 2015, the primary focus is to provide an all-natural CBD-based alternative to vaping.  Made in small batches, our products are always fresh. Given that the general public not being well versed on CBD, education is a high priority. We will be going over the difference CBD makes with vaping further in this blog.


In terms of design, Juul’s device resembles more of a USB drive than an actual vape. Its extremely small form factor makes it portable as well. The vape also has a touch system for reading the battery level. Just lightly touch the vape twice to find out how much juice you have left.

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A light is found on the bottom of the vaporizer to read the battery level of the AV vape. If the battery is getting low, the light will blink as you inhale to warn you it’s time to charge your battery.

One blink = 30% battery level
Two blinks = 10% battery level
Five blinks = 0% battery level

Alternate Vape’s form factor is larger in comparison to Juul, but both are still small enough to be extremely practical. It has a similar look and size of a pen. An included carrying case also makes the product very portable. It has space for a battery, USB charger, and one flavor cartridge. While being larger than the Juul, the inclusion of a case will make misplacing the AV Vape kit very unlikely.

alternate vape kit pen


Touching on the look of the vapor, the Juul device produces more “smoke” than the AV Vape Pen. This is directly influenced with chemicals such as Nicotine, Propylene Glycol, and Glycerol, which are added to create a thicker vapor. We will be getting into how these ingredients create health risks later in our analysis of these two products.


Juul follows the sleek look with an easy-to-use vape pen. Each flavor cartridge is small, barely increasing the overall size of the pen. After inserting a cartridge, users just need to breathe through it to take a hit.

AV’s vape is just as easy to use, the primary difference being how to combine the battery and flavor cartridge. You will instead be screwing the flavored CBD oil cartridge onto the battery instead of inserting it, breathing in to take a hit.


Both AV and Juul’s vapes are very similar in this regard. They come with very easy-to-use USB chargers, guaranteeing your pen will be ready when you are. While the battery itself can be used indefinitely, flavors are not reusable. Differences between the two products do show in the flavors. Juul has a wide variety of flavors to choose from, offering 8 in total compared to Alternate Vape’s 3. However, each of Juul’s flavor pods only contains 0.7 ml of liquid, while AV’s vape oil cartridges contain 1 ml.


This is where the huge differences between Juul and Alternate Vape come into play. Juul e-liquid ingredients contain Glycerol, Propylene glycol, flavor, Nicotine, and Benzoic acid. Alternate Vape’s products only contain MCT (coconut) oil, CBD and Terpenes, which makes them all-natural. The difference is the inclusion of nicotine in Juul’s products, as they as of now have no nicotine-free options. While the strength of nicotine in the e-liquid is only between 3%-5%, it is still one of the most addictive substances readily available to purchase.

A compound derived from the hemp plant, CBD is the primary ingredient of Alternate Vape’s products. It is known for having many benefits for those who vape it.

Which Is Healthier?

With the inclusion of not only Nicotine but other ingredients such as Propelyne glycol in Juul’s products, it should come with no surprise that AV vapes are much healthier. Both company’s products are a better alternative, rather than smoking cigarettes, but Alternate Vape’s all-natural ingredients make it the best choice for those concerned about their wellbeing. Also, the flavoring used in Juul’s e-liquid is not as healthy as terpenes, which is what Alternate Vape uses to enhance the taste of the vape itself.

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As we went over earlier, Juul has more than double the flavors to offer compared to AV. Each brand’s flavors are very distinct and unique from the other offerings of their respective products. The primary difference here is how it feels when vaping a Juul vs using an Alternate Vape. Juul’s inclusion of Nicotine in every single flavor results in a much more harsh throat hit than the smooth AV hits.


  • AV: $59.99 for the vape kit (one flavor / battery / charger / case)
  • Juul: $49.99 for starter kit (four flavors / battery / charger)

Both Juul and AV have very affordable price points. Alternate Vape’s kit is sold for $59.99, and comes with everything you need: a battery, a USB charger, one flavor cartridge, and a case to hold it all in one convenient place. Juul’s Starter Kit comes with the battery, USB charger and four flavor pods for $49.99. Flavors included are Cool Mint, Virginia Tobacco, Creme Brulee, and Mango.

There is obviously a price difference between both products, as Juul gives you more flavors for 10 dollars less. Alternate Vape stands by our price given the health benefits users gain from CBD. We also have a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products, as we want to guarantee customer satisfaction. It is also good to keep in mind that AV’s products include 1ml of e-liquid, while Juul’s is only 0.7ml.

In Closing

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At the end of the day, both AV and Juul succeed in doing what they set out to do. Juul, even amidst the controversy and trouble they currently find themselves in, offer a great middle-ground product for those looking to quit smoking. On the other end of the spectrum, Alternate Vape offers a great Nicotine-free option for those who are also looking to quit smoking or even quit vaping Nicotine-filled e-liquids.

For those who are looking to quit Nicotine cold turkey, try Alternate Vape. Or if you need to make it an easier transition, using Juul’s products first followed by AV’s may work wonders as well.