How much CBD should I vape?

How Much CBD Should I Vape?

CBD vape oil does not come with a recommended serving size, which can make it difficult for a beginner to know how many drags to take off a vape pen. Without direction, one may be left wondering […]

Can vaping CBD help my fitness routine?

How Can Vaping CBD Help my Fitness Routine? 

While often correlated with relaxation, CBD can also be a powerful tool for working out. Many athletes have advocated for the use of CBD, including MMA fighter Nate Diaz and former NBA player Al Harrington. Incorporating CBD vape into your […]

Is CBD Vape Oil Legal?

Is CBD Vape Oil Legal?

Upon initial introduction to CBD, you may be asking: is CBD vape oil legal in my state? The legality of CBD can be confusing, especially with the country’s ever-changing cannabis laws. Since CBD is a product of cannabis, […]