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alternate vape cbd vape oil

Alternate Vape is a unique line of natural hemp-based CBD e-liquid supplements offering distinct flavor options and high potency to achieve your perfect balance.

Why Choose Alternate Vape?

alternate vape cbd vape shotAlternate Vape is made in small batches in a GMP facility in Michigan to ensure you a fresh, high-quality product. Choose between our highly potent 1ml cartridge, pre-filled with 250mg CBD, or our 15ml bottle with 500mg CBD.

Everything is 3rd-party lab tested by a company that specializes in cannabis testing. Please contact us for our most recent certificate of analysis (COA).

Please visit the Alternate Vape online store for a complete view of our CBD hemp vape oil products.

You may have recently read something claiming cannabis is great for several different issues, whether in a tempting Facebook article or in one of the hundreds of PubMed articles popping up from all around the world. It has directly led to drastic law changes within U.S. states, as well as entire countries. Colorado, for instance, has even specifically legalized hemp extract for children suffering from epilepsy. While this is incredibly exciting and we hope to educate our readers on the potential of hemp oil, our products are not intended to treat or cure any diseases. Additionally, we can not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any illness. There is no set serving size for our CBD vape oil, so it’s a matter of trial and error to find the perfect amount for you as an individual. While some people may find comfort in casually vaping just 2-5 puffs before bed, others may prefer to vape all throughout the day. Experiment to find your perfect regimen!

Something to look out for in our vape oils is our new proprietary blend of terpenes, contributing to 100% of our savory flavors. In the process of creating hemp products, unfortunately, comes the loss of valuable compounds of the whole-plant material. By adding terpenes back into the blend, we feel it greatly enhances the overall product.

Give Alternate Vape a try and let us know what you think!