About Us

Alternate Vape is a unique line of natural hemp-based CBD e-liquid supplements offering distinct flavor options and high potency to achieve your perfect balance.

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The Alternate Vape team is dedicated to creating an all-natural vaping experience.

Why Choose Alternate Vape?

We believe in taking the healthier route whenever possible and have carried out that mentality in everything we do.


In 2015, we recognized a pattern of unnatural ingredients in many vape products. We understood the importance of knowing what goes into our body and wanted to create a vape oil blend that customers could use with confidence.

That’s when we created a unique vape oil blend unlike any on the market. Using only three ingredients– MCT oil, CBD, and terpenes— we created a simple, yet powerful, product.

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We have carefully chosen our vape ingredients for their quality and synergistic properties. Our CBD vape oils are THC free and can be used safely as a daily supplement.

Alternate Vape is made in small batches in a facility in Michigan that follows GMP standards to ensure a fresh and high-quality product. Everything is 3rd-party lab tested by a company that specializes in cannabis testing. You’ll find a certificate of analysis (COA) for each product in our product descriptions.

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