how to use a vape pen

How to use a Vape Pen

How to Use a Vape Pen

Have you been taking CBD tinctures for some time? Or do you feel too familiar with CBD and would love to try something different, like using a vape pen?. You probably have seen one, but do you know how to use a vape pen? If you don’t, then there is no need to worry because you are certainly in the right place where you will learn to use a vape pen like a pro.

Advantages of a Vape pen

A vape pen allows you to inhale the CBD and other cannabinoids into a vapor. If you are new to this, you should be aware of its benefits before learning how to use a vape pen. There are several outstanding benefits of using a vape pen which has made it popular among weed smokers, and they include the following:

  • Convenience

A vape pen is very portable and convenient to use. You can easily fit it into your pocket and carry it around without anyone noticing. The device is also easy to use, even for first-timers. All that is required for you to do is attach the vape pen to a battery and start to inhale it to produce vapor.

  • Longer shelf Life

The shelf life of most vape pen cartridges is longer than several other cannabis products. Cannabis flower, for example, loses its aroma and taste after some time, although this highly depends on how it is cured or dried. But with vaporizing high CBD hemp flower, the aroma and taste are more likely to last longer while a vape pen offers a more extended shelf-life; the scents can be faint, or others can be strong based on terpenes.

  • Fewer Aromas

Most cannabis smokers understand that smoking joints have a smell that can be easily noticed. However, using a vape pen produces fewer aroma than the aroma of burning marijuana flowers; the vapor from a vape pen disappears faster. It might not smell on your hand or clothes.

  • Consistent hits

When smoking cannabis flowers, you might notice that the quality of hits differ. For most smokers, the hit diminishes in strength and quality.

The same cannot be said of using a vape pen because the hits are consistent in quality and strength. 

  • Smoke-free

When using a vape pen, you might not have to deal with issues with flame combustion or finding an ashtray. This makes vapes pen cleaner and safer for your health. So which would you prefer? To have a smoke free and healthy vaping experience, or would you rather have to deal with combustion and flame issues? Your guess is as good as mine

Tips for first-time users

Those who have not tried vaping before may find it quite overwhelming, especially if they do not know how to use a vape pen. The following tips might be helpful If you would like to have a pleasant first time vaping experience and enjoy vaping in the long run:

  • Begin by vaping the smart way

It is best to have an understanding of how to use a vape pen so you can better select a vape that fits you. Learn about different types of flavors and brands that you can buy. There are different options available to you, and do not be afraid of exploring so you can have a brand that best fits you.

  • Identify your vape space.

Once you have done your research and purchased your first vape pen; the next step is for you to identify your vaping space. Bear in mind that they’re cities with laws against vape pens usage in public places like stores, restaurants, and movie theaters.

Check out for smoking signs to ensure that you are in an area that e-cig friendly. You can research local regulations on the use of the vape pens to be sure.

  • Understand how to use your vape pen

Like most other smart devices, vape pens have to be charged when taken out of the package. You can charge it by making use of a USB connector. Ensure that the USB connector is standard. You will see an indicator light indicating that the battery is charging. It takes between one to two hours to have a fully charged battery. If your vape pen cartridge is disposable, ensure that the rubber top is carefully removed to screw the rubber top onto the vape pen.

If your vape pen is designed with a buttonless model, you will find that the device will turn on automatically after taking your first inhale. However, if your device’s model is a push button, it can be activated by pushing it. Most push-button models require that you push the button multiple times before activated to prevent it from activating accidentally.

  • Know when  to puff and inhale

Limit each inhale you take to around five seconds per inhale. You are not expected to hold your breath after taking in some vape. You must try inhaling some amount of clean air between each exhales of puff. By so doing, the particles of the CBD vape are pushed into your lungs.

Wait for a few minutes between each puff and monitor your state. These products are not intended for continued consumption.

Types of Vape Pen (Push-Button or Button-less Vape Pen)

Knowing how to use a vape pen makes vaping fun and interesting, but of course, you have to know what type of vape to use. You can choose between using a push-button or a button-less vape pen. For first-timers or beginners, you should make use of a button-less vape pen because it is easier to use. Experienced people might find the push-button vape pen model preferable.

The push-button model comes with atomizer voltage and temperature settings, which can be carried out by pressing the push-button. There are two types of puchThe push-button vape pen’s temperature may be identified using a light change in color, which corresponds to a particular temperature.

Why does it matter to set the temperature in a push-button vape pen? The reason is that some oils have a higher viscosity, which may not be enough to get the desired vapor output.  When this happens, it might lead to lower consistency when using a certain vape or cartridge juice.

Most users find the viscosity of some CBD oils reduces when the vape pen is set at a certain temperature. As stated earlier, Buttonless vape pens are suitable for beginners who are just learning how to use a vape pen because it has a uniform temperature setting that does not require any adjustment.

Best Heat Settings for Vaping

If several e-cig users who make use of push-button are asked about the ideal vaping temperature, you will get different answers. However, to know how to use a vape pen, experts believe that the ideal heating range of a vape pen should be between 175 -200 oC. It is also noted that most vape pens make use of a temperature that is slightly above the ideal range. The ideal range for vaping is about 210oC as their set point,

A study shows that the temperature setting of an e-cig provided a 77% concentration of cannabinoid compared to a 170oC setting that provided 24% cannabinoid concentrations. However, some users prefer a temperature setting below 170oC because it vaporizes most terpenes. Some have tried adjusting their vape pen temperatures to get a higher CBD and lower THC yield or vice versa.

How to Refill a Vape Pen Cartridge

One way to understand how to use a vape pen is by learning how you can refill a vape pen cartridge. You can refill a vape pen cartridge by following these steps.

  • Make use of a syringe that has a blunt needle tip. It is inexpensive and can be bought in a pharmacy store near you.
  • Fill the syringe with your preferred vape juice.
  • Unscrew the mouthpiece of the vape pen to expose the cartridge opening.
  • Inject the juice into the opening with the syringe.
  • You can now screw the mouthpiece

Concerns About Thinning Oils

Thinning agents are a component of vape juice due to the viscosity of CBD oil. Thinning oil comes either as vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. This is one of the most common ways to mix, these substances are water-based and do not mix well with oil, and other agents need to be used to keep them in suspension. However, there concerns about thinning oils. Although the WHO and the FDA had deemed it safe, studies show side effects such as sore throat, sweating, and thirst. While it may be safe to use thinning oils, it is good to err with caution and use vegetative glycerine instead of PG as your thinning oil choice.

Where to Buy Vape Pens

Now that you might have learned how to use a vape pen, the next question is where you can buy one. There are several trustworthy places where you can buy a vape pen and vape juice. However, it is advisable that you buy from a trusted and licensed source.

We have highlighted some concerns about the use of thinning oils, and it is appropriate to buy from a reputable source. Do not buy from just a friend. Sourcing, quality and consistency are top priority. You can buy your vape pens, cartridges, and vape juice right Here