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Made with the best ingredients possible to help you get the most out of your CBD e-liquid.

Vape Shot

An all-natural, pre-filled CBD vape cartridge, ready to go with zero hassle.
Vape Shot

Premium &
Potent CBD E-Liquids

Alternate Vape


We believe if something can be healthier, we must do it. That's why our vapes are now made with zero PG, VG, or artificial flavor.

CBD & Terpenes

Enjoy the synergistic ("entourage effect") of CBD and plant terpenes. Our rich flavors are crafted 100% from natural terpenes.


We believe in helping people lead healthier lives. We also believe in the quality and potency of our CBD e-liquids. If you are not satisfied with our products, contact us for a full refund.

Alternate Vape is formulated with no PG or VG (the veteran ingredients in nearly all e-liquids). Instead, we use MCT oil and flavor all-naturally with the best source possible…plant terpenes!

“The ingredients selected for our vapes were chosen for their quality and synergistic properties to create a nutritious product.”

Our philosophy

We make CBD vape oil with purpose. Each vape is carefully crafted with all-natural ingredients you can be proud to put in your body.
  • Cannabinoids

    Hemp-derived compounds packed with wellness benefits
  • Terpenes

    Beneficial compounds from essential oils of plants
  • No PG/VG

    None of the unhealthy PG/VG is added
  • Potent CBD

    A powerful serving of CBD in each puff...
  • Zero THC

    Our formulation contains zero THC
  • Great Flavor

    Enjoy 3 perfected flavors, hand-crafted naturally with plant terpenes

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Why choose us

Vape oils with CBD, terpenes, and MCT oil
  • Innovation

    We're proud to share our new, all-natural CBD vape formulation with you!
  • Quality & Safety

    From oil to final packaging, we perform all the steps in our GMP facility in Michigan!
  • Lab Tested

    Our products have full traceability. Everything is 3rd-party lab tested.
  • Customer Support

    Reach us by phone or email with any questions. We're here to help.


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Vape products

Vape Products Available to you

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