Vape products

Vape Products Available to you

Vape Products Available to you

Vape products use CBD oils and are available in a variety of styles, concentrates, and flavors. At Alternate Vape, we only offer products that have been lab tested by a third party to ensure safety and quality. Keep reading to find out about our vape product options and ingredients!

Vape Product Ingredients

All of our vape products at Alternate Vape include three simple, all-natural ingredients and nothing else. The main ingredient is CBD, a natural substance extracted from hemp plants. We also use terpenes, which are are naturally found in essential oils of plants and are responsible for our great tasting flavors. For our base, we use MCT (fractionated coconut) oil instead of PG/VG, making our products completely natural.

CBD E-Liquid

Our bottles of E-liquid are 15ml, contain 500mg CBD and are available in a variety of flavors. Flavored oils are great for those who want the full power of CBD, but with a natural, great tasting flavor made from plant terpenes. The bottles include a dropper that makes filling your tank easy. CBD E-Liquid can be used with a compatible low voltage pen. If you don’t already have a vape pen, you can order one along with your CBD E-Liquid by making it a kit.

CBD Vape Shot

Our vape products include vape shots that are prefilled cartridges you can order as a single shot or in a pack of three to save a little money. You can get them all in your favorite flavor, or choose the combo pack for one of each! Each cartridge contains 1ml of CBD vape oil with 250mg CBD.

A single cartridge lasts for roughly 250 puffs. For most people, that’s 3-5 weeks of use —or even a couple months depending on how much the individuals needs to use it. Every body is different.

With prefilled cartridges, you don’t have to worry about refilling or spilling your oil during the process. the shots do not come with any other equipment such as a case, battery, or charger, but this can all be ordered separately.

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