How to Use CBD Oil

How to Use CBD Oil

What are the different forms of CBD hemp oil?

CBD Hemp oil has a wide variety of uses and also comes in several different forms. Many of our customers enjoy using it as a nutritional supplement taken alone (even as e-liquid supplement)  or added into food. Some swear by its ability to moisturize the skin naturally. You aren’t the only one that can benefit from CBD oil, your pets can too! Pets can take CBD hemp oil as a supplement but can also be used to care for their skin and coat.

Nutritional Supplements

Oil Supplements

Our oil supplements are the most potent supplements in the collection. Since these oils are extracted straight from the hemp plant they are the purest form of the supplement that we offer with no other ingredients added. These supplements will have a thicker consistency and a heavier hemp taste.

Tincture Extracts

Tincture extracts are commonly used sublingually (under the tongue). This is a very popular way to consume CBD oil for supporting overall wellness. This variety will have an earthy taste but some have added flavor to mellow out the natural hemp flavor to make it more palatable for some.

Vape Oil Concentrates

Vaping” alone has become very popular and for many is an alternative to smoking. While it is convenient, some find the act itself very relaxing. Using CBD vape oil can be another affective way to consume CBD as a supplement if concentrates or tinctures aren’t your cup of tea.


Hemp oil can be added to tasty treats, making it a more delicious way to get your daily dose of CBD. We offer sweet edibles such as infused chocolate or something more savory like toasted hemp seeds.

Skincare & Topical Solutions

Topical Solutions

CBD hemp oil can be used in topical ointments for targeted relief. In our topical products, we use water-soluble CBD which allows the ingredients to absorb into the body and get to work quicker. Some uses are joint, muscle, and skin irritation relief.


Hemp oil infused skincare has some major moisturizing power. Our lotions and moisturizers contain a full-spectrum hemp oil blend that promotes homeostasis. The natural ingredients coupled with full-spectrum CBD hemp oil blends provide deep hydration and support wellness with regular use.

For Your furry friends

Don’t forget about your pets! Hemp can benefit animals as well as humans. The main uses for animals are oral supplements for sore joints and anxiety as well as support for healthy skin and coat.