Pairing Tea and Vape for Ultimate Relaxation

The recommendation to get a good night’s rest is one we’ve all heard before. You’ve probably encountered the tried-and-trusted tips for healthy sleep. Two natural methods that we find to be beneficial are drinking tea and vaping, so we thought: why not combine the two?

Many people vape CBD as a way to promote relaxation. The act in itself is relaxing and CBD promotes a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Vaping is an ideal method of consumption as it is fast-acting, which allows you to experience the effects of CBD quickly. Since it does not have to travel through the digestive system, CBD enters directly into the bloodstream for nearly instant results. More about that here.

Another natural method of relaxation is drinking tea as there are many herbal blends that have calming qualities. We’ve paired the most effective herbal blends for sleep with the flavors of our vape oils. The flavors will complement one another while working toward the shared goal of relaxation.

Kush and Lavender

Lavender is synonymous with relaxation. The calming properties of this flower have been used in aromatherapy products for centuries. A cup of lavender tea will promote a calm mind and allow for reflection and meditation.

The herbaceous flavor of our kush vape corresponds with the floral notes of lavender. Lavender is slightly sweet, which balances the deep profile of kush. The combination of the two results in an earthy blend that will appeal to those who appreciate a natural flavor.

Mint and Valerian

The holistic power of valerian comes from the root of the plant. Valerian root is known for its sedative properties and can be beneficial for falling and staying asleep. Teas that features valerian root create a feeling of tranquility for a full night of peaceful rest.

Valerian root has a pine flavor that is slightly bitter. The powerful flavor of our mint vape will subdue the strength of the valerian root. The woodsy profile of valerian root paired with a refreshing mint is balanced and calming.

Citrus and Chamomile

Chamomile tea is a common remedy for evening relaxation. These flowers have been used to soothe for hundreds of years. A cup of chamomile tea will promote a sense of calm which can be helpful for sleep.

The bright profile of our citrus vape will balance the sweet, floral flavor of chamomile. The two profiles are on different spectrums; when paired, they meet in the middle for a harmonious flavor.

A proper evening routine is critical to your quality of sleep. With the stressors of the day, our mind and body need time to wind down. Vaping and tea make a perfect pair to achieve ultimate relaxation.

How do you relax in the evening? Do you pair vape flavors and tea? Let us know in the comments below!

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Always consult a physician before introducing herbal medicine into your routine.

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