how vaping cbd works

How Vaping CBD Works

How Vaping CBD Works

Vaping is easy and enjoyable and, for that reason, you may have never given the underlying process a second thought. However, behind the relaxing act of vaping is an interesting course of action. As you vape, CBD goes from oil to vapor to the bloodstream. Learning how vaping CBD works is sure to fascinate those who partake in vaping as a daily activity.

Vaping: The Basics

Vaporizers use convection or conduction to heat the CBD oil to its vaporization point, which is the temperature at which a liquid becomes a vapor. Although there are many types of vaporizers on the market, all vaporizers have the same basic components.

In most vaporizers, e-liquid is drawn onto a coil with a wick. Then, the battery pushes electricity through the coil, which heats the e-liquid until it vaporizes. In short, CBD oil is heated until vaporized and then inhaled.

Vapor in the Bloodstream

Vaping is one of the quickest methods for getting CBD into the bloodstream. Once the vapor is inhaled into the lungs, tiny air sacs called alveoli exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen between the lungs and the bloodstream. CBD travels into the lungs, passes through the thin walls of the alveoli, and then enters the bloodstream.

After reaching the bloodstream, CBD reaches the brain in a matter of seconds. The CBD then interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the brain and the body to produce various effects.

Bioavailability of CBD

To understand how the process of vaping works, we should also dive into the concept of bioavailability. There are many ways to ingest CBD; the method you choose will affect the amount of CBD you receive. Not all of the consumed CBD will affect your body. The percentage of a substance that enters your bloodstream unchanged is known as the bioavailability.

When you consume CBD orally, the CBD must process through the digestive system. Then, the liver metabolizes what remains. During what is known as “first pass metabolism”, the gut and liver reduce the amount of CBD by absorption or chemical breakdown. This metabolism creates a lower bioavailability for oral consumption.

Vaping is the solution to this drawback. As we’ve discussed previously, vaporizing CBD allows the compound to enter directly into the bloodstream. By surpassing the gut and the liver, vaporizing has a higher bioavailability than oral consumption.

Vaping: A Healthier Alternative

Vaporizers do not combust materials; rather, they create steam. This makes vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking. Unlike the smoke of cigarettes or marijuana, vaporizing releases a slow vapor that is less harsh on your lungs. Our natural vape oil contains no nicotine, no THC, and no propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin.

Vaping CBD is also legal according to the 2018 Farm Bill and safe. It creates little odor and is a discrete method for consuming CBD. With vaporizers, you can take small servings throughout the day. This makes vaping a quick and convenient method for getting CBD.


Vaping CBD provides a number of benefits that are exclusive to the method of vaping. Understanding the process of vaping gives users a better comprehension of how CBD enters our system and affects our body.