Flavored CBD Oil

Flavored CBD Oil

Flavored CBD Oil

Flavored CBD oils contain a high potency of the powerful hemp-derived cannabinoid, CBD, and come in a number of different flavor profile. Alternate Vape offers all-natural, high-quality CBD vape oil flavors derived from plant terpenes. These hemp-based CBD vape oils can be bought for your existing pen or bought as a disposable pen.

Terpenes are compounds found in plants, responsible for their unique scents, and sometimes even their color. We’re proud of our great flavors, because there’s truly no better or more natural way to flavor a product.

Benefits of Using Flavored CBD Oil

Flavored CBD oil masks the taste of regular CBD oil that many do not enjoy. Flavored CBD oil has advantages when vaped and produces vapor instead of harmful smoke, making it safer for your oral tract and lungs.  Many find the act of vaping alone to be very relaxing, so choosing flavored CBD oils for your vaping routine can compliment this desired relaxation.

Sticking to a routine of taking a capsule or oil every morning, or dealing with messy dispensors, can be difficult. That’s why many people enjoy the whole process of getting CBD into your system. When inhaled into the lungs as a vapor, flavored CBD oil is absorbed into the body very quickly. The lightweight portable vaporizer makes this method the most stylish way to take CBD.

How does Flavored CBD Oil Work?

At Alternate Vape, no PG or VG is unsed. Instead, we use a base of MCT (fractionated coconut) oil  with our natural flavoring and hemp oil to make our all-natural, high-quality flavored CBD oils. To start using your flavored CBD oil, grab one of our pre-filled cartridges and simply twist the tank onto the battery. Do NOT remove the blue rubber piece under the mouthpiece.

The vaporizer is all automatic, so once the tank and battery are connected, you can start vaping right away.

Flavored CBD in Vape Shot vs. Vape oil

With Alternative Vape, you can get flavored CBD oil as a pre-filled vape shot or in a large vape oil bottle, if you want to refill your own low-voltage vaporizer.

The ingredients are the same, however, they differ in potency and how they are used. A vape shot comes with the flavored CBD oil already in the cartridge, making it easier to use. It comes in 1ml with 250 CBD. The vape shot comes with less product but is a higher potency and you can avoid the hassle of refilling and possibly spilling.

Our vape oil bottle has to be poured into your existing cartridge and comes in 15ml with 500mg CBD. The vape oil is good for those who already have an empty vape pen cartridge and just need a refill. This might be the better option for those who want a lower potency of flavored CBD oil.

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