Choosing the Best Vape Pen for CBD Oil

One of the more frequently asked questions we get here is what kind of vape pen or mod can be used for vaping CBD. While we do provide a vape kit, which contains everything you might need, many individuals who are looking into CBD already have their own pen or mod. This is due to current vapers looking into a healthier way to enjoy the cultural phenomenon.

Can I Use My Own Vape Mod?

There is both good and bad news. The good news is if you have your own mod already, you can buy our CBD e-liquid separately. The bad news is it must be a pen or mod that can stay below 5 volts of power during use, preferably around 2.9 if possible.

Using a CBD e-liquid at a higher voltage will lead to the CBD itself burning up, guaranteeing there won’t be any sort of benefits felt by the user.

How Do I Know My Mod or Pen Will Work?

Every vape mod is different, so it is up to you to figure out if yours will work with CBD. Utilizing a company’s website should be enough to find out if your current mod or pen has temperature control. From the websites we have looked at, it seems like most websites have the “Output Wattage” listed right on the product page either underneath a “specifications” or “features” tab.

What Pens or Mods Can I NOT Use with CBD Oil?

Other than having a mod that has temperature control, the only other box you must tick is whether your current setup allows you to change out the e-liquid itself. For example, Juul e-cigarettes will not work with our CBD e-liquid, as their pods cannot be opened to switch out the contents.

What Pen SHOULD I Buy for Vaping CBD?

girl holding cbd vape pen

If you don’t currently have your own mod or pen, we do currently have a CBD Vape Kit, which has everything you need, including a vape pen, charger, and one flavor of your choice. It also contains a case to ensure you don’t lose anything. Our pen is simple to use, no settings to figure out or worry about, just charge the battery and vape away!