Direct vs indirect vaping (which is best)

Direct Vaping vs Indirect Vaping (Which is Best?)

Vaping has never been looked at as a hard thing to do. It’s simple, right? “All I need to do is breathe in, breathe out, and I’m good. Right?” The reality of the situation is that while vaping is “simple“, there are many small tweaks you can make which will result in better outcomes. These involve two different methods of taking in the vapor: direct and indirect. We will be going through these to see how they are different from one another.  


One of the two methods of vaping, Direct Vaping involves breathing the vapor directly into your lungs, not letting it sit in your mouth for a long time. If being discreet with your vaping is your goal, direct is not for you, as it produces the most vapor. Grizzled veterans of the vape trade are accustomed to this method, as it gives you a more intense throat hit.  

As satisfying as a good throat hit is, there are some downsides to direct vaping, one being that it can be overwhelming to newbies. If you are not very comfortable with this, it is a better idea to ease yourself into it. Gradual changes made carefully are better than immediate changes that turn into a disaster. Consistently using this technique also drains the e-liquid faster, so be aware of that as you decide how much product you are looking to purchase.  


The alternative to direct vaping is indirect, which sees the user letting the vapor settle in their mouth before inhaling it into their lungs. As it doesn’t sound as different as direct, indirect is a totally different beast. Indirect has been compared to how cigarettes are smoked, meaning that it is very useful for those looking to quit. Besides that, it is very beginner-friendly, as the throat hits are nowhere near as strong.  

Flavor is also a huge plus, as giving the vapor more time to sit in your mouth results in a satisfying taste. So, if you hate the flavor you chose for your vape, and don’t have any other options, perhaps indirect is not the best for you. Conserving e-liquid is another huge benefit, as it can save you money down the line.  

The Beginner Mistake EVERYONE Makes 

vaping CBD pen

When it comes to vaping CBD, there is one singular mistake every beginner makes. The singular mistake that results in not getting the desired effects of vaping CBD: not holding it in for 5 seconds. This, just like what we talked about above, might come as another nit-picky point, but it is truly important. Not giving yourself enough time to reap the benefits of vaping CBD makes it no different than just vaping regular unnatural e-juices. To the person out there that sees someone vaping and exhaling right away, be sure to tell them how to do it right. Make sure and be friendly about it though. 


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  1. emeraldcity 3 years ago

    While especially important to indirect vape using CBD product, i would think those truly interested in backing away from nicotine addition would want to do so too. Vaping has become a pastime, a hobby using unnatural e-juices – which i think discredits its legitimate use as a tool to get away from burning tobacco. To me, walking into a vapor cloud in an enclosed room is like walking thru the perfume aisle in a department store or down the laundry aisle at the grocery store. I appreciate your efforts at keeping the CBD vape clean -using as few ingredients as possible. Less is definitely more! Thanks

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