Get featured on Alternate Vape's social media and spread more awareness about CBD!

It's really simple, we promise.

Step #1: Get My Good Side

Snap a photo of your favorite spot to vape!

Perhaps it's next to a beautiful mountain view, where the light hits just right to reflect on your vape pen's metallic base....Or, you know, in the closet wrapped in blankets because it's -30 degrees out and it's the only quiet place in the house. We're not judging you.

Step #2: Swoosh

Post your Alternate Vape photo on Instagram or Facebook. Be sure to include #VapeShotSpot in your post, or we won't see it!

Step #3: Nice.

Once we see your indubitably awesome photo, we'll save it and put it into a weekly drawing to be posted on Instagram, Facebook, or even the homepage of our website.