New Ceramic Wickless Cartridges for CBD Vape

As of this month, we’ve completed the transition from wicked cartridges over to ceramic wickless cartridges. The composition of a vape pen has changed over the years, and this change reflects the industry standard.

Those familiar with vaping are most likely to understand the switch, but others may be wondering: what is the difference and why does it matter? Let’s look at the composition of a vape pen to better understand the difference between these two cartridges.

To Begin: What is a Cartridge?

A cartridge includes a mouthpiece, a tank, and an atomizer.

  • Mouthpiece: the end piece that is used to breathe in vapor.
  • Tank: the body of the cartridge that holds the e-liquid.
  • Atomizer: the heating chamber at the base of the cartridge.

A cartridge is threaded and can be connected or disconnected to a battery by twisting it on or off.

Wicked Cartridges Versus Ceramic Wickless Cartridges

When we refer to wicked or wickless, we are referring to the atomizer portion of the cartridge. The atomizer includes a heating coil wrapped around a fiber wick (wicked) or a ceramic rod (wickless).

When vape pens were first introduced, wicked cartridges were the norm. Wicked cartridges absorb some of the e-liquid and offer a smooth and flavorful draw; however, vape pen users often experience a burnt taste after a period of use.

Vape pen users experience a more pleasant taste with wickless cartridges compared to wicked cartridges. With a ceramic wickless cartridge, the tank lasts longer, and the taste is better. By making this switch, we have improved the reliability of our cartridges and enhanced our user’s vaping experience.

At Alternate Vape, it is our goal to provide the healthiest and most natural vaping option. We use quality components to ensure safe use.

Do you have any additional questions about ceramic wickless cartridges? What is your experience with wicked cartridges versus ceramic wickless cartridges? Leave a comment below!

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