Cannabis Is Now Legal In Michigan – What To Know

Today, December 6th, recreational marijuana is now legal in Alternate Vape’s home state of Michigan. Thanks to Proposition 1, which was voted on last month. So with this new legislature now in place, what else does it change, and how will it impact our industry of non-intoxicating hemp products?

What’s Going To Change In Michigan?

From today going forward, adults who are 21 and over can use marijuana for recreational purposes. Keep in mind smoking publicly is still illegal. While you can have up to 2.5 ounces of the herb on you in public, you can have up to 10 ounces on you if you are in a secure location, such as your home. Much of the proposition hinges on the ability of recreational users to keep their marijuana out of the hands of those younger than 21. Growing will also be legal, the proposition allows up to 12 plants per household! As we stated when Proposition 1 first passed, we are not getting skimped on here, as most other states who have legalized marijuana only allow 4 plants at the most.

If you are interested in reading the proposition in its entirety, check it out here.

How Will This Affect CBD?

While this law passing does not directly affect CBD, it obviously sets a new standard at the state level. We at Alternate Vape are hoping this will lead to more testing and research regarding the many benefits of CBD, which would also result in an increase of public education on CBD itself.

With hemp (where CBD is derived from), the Michigan House of Representatives recently approved a bill, which would classify hemp as an agricultural product instead of lumping it with marijuana. This would clear the way for hemp to be grown in Michigan; which would allow us to grow and source our CBD from our own hemp plants locally.

CBD isolate and full-spectrum hemp oilHouse Bills 6330, 6331 and 6380, are waiting to be approved by the Senate, which will clear up the gray area currently surround hemp and therefore CBD as well.

While CBD is still legal in Michigan, it will clear up a lot of confusion that the industry faces.

Will Alternate Vape Now Sell THC Products?

As we previously said when the proposition first passed, there are currently no plans for us to either produce or sell THC products. Helping people is one of our main core values and will be top of mind as we discuss this issue.

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